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Hey good man, here with an Authentic Talk Note. Do you know what fills you up?

What truly gives you energy? What is the thing that when you go to it and offers

you piece? Offers you understanding? And offers you a place that you can quite

literally feel your tank fill up?

You have more energy when you're done with it. There’s a lot of thing that we can

do, that we can pour into our holistic health, spiritually, physically, intellectually,

emotionally and socially. And really allowing our weekly feedback looped to say:

“How much energy to i have when it comes down to the Sunday, The sabbat, the

sabbath, the day of rest? Am I absolutely on zero and do i have to fill that tank up

once a week? Every week?”

I think that’s a good awareness at least if you're taking one day a week. But how

do we live a life that's actually more of a flow? And we are actually connecting

with ourselves on a daily basis and looking for energy giving opportunities.

Rather than energy draining opportunities, this isn't just in our own life we can do

this with people to, we can connect with our family and our friends. There is a lot

of things we can do that actually offer an energy uptick.

Rather than just the stagnant “okay I’m copping ,like watching TV or just wasting

time.” But there's things we can engage in, our own physical health. Lots of things

we can do spiritually, all of these things to say:

“Hey I’m gonna to connect with myself and I’m gonna to look into my energy

levels as a feedback loop” to say “I can’t just race to weekend but and wanna rest

and recharge throughout the week as well, I wanna be aware of these things i

wanna connect with myself and others.”

The idea is to fill up, so that we can overflow into our relationships. Not just to fill

up and say “I'm good and going to take care of myself. But then what were looking

to say “How do I fill up and give to others around me?”


Starting with our very close relationships, like our number 2; our significant other

and our numbers 3s; our kids and our best friends. Call to Authenticity here is.

Think about this week stop at some point this week and say “how are my energy


If you can’t be aware of it on a daily basis? Then am I exhausted am I draining

myself? How do I recharge? What actual things do I do, on a daily weekly basis

that bring that energy level back up and allow me to overflow in my relationships.

You can easily ask the people close to you in your life, your family, your friends.

“Do you find that i'm an encouraging person? Do you find that I have available

energy for you? Do you find me pouring into you? Do you find that i'm selfish and

can never have enough?

There is a good indicator that they say that “you're kind of selfish and never have

enough and kind of have a negative attitude.” Then you're not using the proper

things to recharge yourself.


And truly fill that energy tank back up. As far as The Circle of Relationships go

were really looking at the number one first and then how were flowing and where

does our priority go to when were filled up?

And as far as the S.P.I.E.S go, we’re looking at all five here. How do we connect

to our holistic health on a daily weekly basis? Alright there’s your ATN for the

day, I hope you live an holistic life. I hope you charge yourself have that energy so

that you can overflow and have meaningful relationships.

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