Meet the team

AMG is the opportunity for men to be real so they can get what they really want.  It is where men talk about success or failure, sex, or lack thereof and significance even if it seems evasive. AMG is a movement that is passionate about all men living their lives to the fullest potential.




Brian has been a licensed professional counselor for over 20 years. He and his wife Diana own and operate a counseling practice in Springfield, MO. 


They are executive relationship coaches and have founded a relational coaching practice.  He's the Chief Executive Officer of Authentic Men's Groups,  a non-profit organization he founded that's dedicated to the development of the authentic man.


He's also the founder of SOURCE publications. He holds two Master’s Degrees.  The first is in Guidance and Counseling,  and the second is in Theological Studies.

He is an active writer, and published author.  Brian and his wife Diana have been married for 34 years, and they have three sons...  Bryant, Brock, and Brenton and two grandsons,  Beckett and Brixton.




Brock has been married for 5 years and has two boys. He has a Masters' Degree in Clinical Mental Health. He's also a certified life coach and has been facilitating AMG groups for over four years.


Brock specializes in men's health, anger, depression, anxiety, sexuality, and relationship issues. He has two other businesses and believes in living a holistic life from the Circle of Relationships, so as to get what he really wants.




Sam is an active guitarist and an electrician. He is a husband of 25 years and a dad to three kids, two cats and one dog. Sam grew up on a small farm in Ohio. He enjoys playing guitar, sailing, camping and hiking. He loves the outdoors, a strong cup of coffee and is in search of the perfect beard balm.


Sam has worked in a variety of mentorship roles for over twenty years. He is an advocate of personal growth and has a passion for helping men get what they really want. He is a certified coach and has been a part of AMG since 2016.




Tim has been married since May 23,1980 he's, "Still working that out." Tim has 2 children and 3 grandchildren. Tim spent 4 years in the Navy and then went on to spend 37 years at a school district working as an Electronics Shop Supervisor. Now retired, Tim enjoys spending time with family, mountain biking and studying philosophy and spirituality.


Tim has been involved with AMG for 2 years and says, "I have learned that first I am a good man and have been practicing the art of unconditionally loving myself based on the fact that God does and out of that flows my life.”




Reid is a licensed professional counselor, speaker, and lover of coffee. Born & bred in Indiana, he currently resides in Music City,  Nashville Tennessee. He got into the helping profession over 9 years ago with the passion to help men be the best man they can be.  He enjoys living out that passion through AMG. He has experience in helping both men and women with addictions, trauma, depression,  anxiety, and relationships.  

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Don has been involved with AMG for over two years. He is very active with the leadership in supporting all our men in our group meetings. He is happily married to his wife (Martha) of 40 years. They have lived in the Springfield for over 10 years. He is a private business consultant for a number of companies here in Springfield. He is passionate about helping men find their gifts and using those gifts to get the most out of their lives.




Chris Slater is a born and bred Springfieldian. You may have seen him around town playing in one of many bands over the last 20 years or at his shop downtown, The Albatross Hookah Lounge & Fine Tobacco Emporium. He has two amazing sons, Max-7 and Oliver-5. Chris is committed to helping men cut through the nonsense of their lives and get at what they really want out of life.




Dave Steinmuller, retired in July 2014 as Vice President of Sales , Nutmeat Division Hammons Products Company, Stockton Mo, for 22 years. Other employments included  National and International sales for mechanical devises used mainly in off road and Agriculturally machinery.  


Degrees are BS mechanical MS, Studies.  Married for 12 years to Pat, together we have 6 children and 14 grandchildren.  A member of AMG for approximately 2 years, AMG has developed in me an ability to harness emotions, feelings, attitudes, and actions as I walk through this complicated world. Our primary statement is you’re a “good man.”




J. R. had a unique upbringing--he spent the first 10 years of his life living in the back of a funeral home. He comes from (3) generations of embalmers. He followed the family business and became a licensed embalmer/funeral director. 


After leaving this profession-- he has been a Pastor, Missionary, Hospice Chaplain, and Seminary Professor.  He holds a Doctorate in Biblical Studies.  He has been married for 38 years, and has two daughters and three grand-dogs. He loves being involved in AMG and helping men be real & authentic.




Ev Attended University of Wisconsin Medical School where he received his MD. He has worked as an OB/GYN at Barnes Hospital, Gunderson Clinic and retired from Springfield, Mo. He has also helped many other students accomplish their MD as a clinical instructor at KC Med, University of Iowa, University of Nebraska, University of New Mexico and University of Wisconsin to name a few.


He has also served as a board of director of financial institutions. He was a pilot where he enjoyed pursuing his passion of flying. He is involved in AMG as a coach and is very passionate about helping men with their journey in being the best version of themselves.




Jack Cooper retired in 2018 as CW3 Aviation Maintenance Technician for 29 years and 11 months after an injury. He graduated from Liberty University with a BS in Religion and a minor in Christian Counseling.


He has been married for 18 years, and they have 2 boys and a dog. Jack has been a member of AMG since 2016 with a year break when he was deployed to SouthWest Asia. Jack has experience in coaching military Soldiers through trauma, depression, anxiety, and suicide prevention.