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Hey good man, here with an Authentic Talk Note. We're talking in group this past

week about everybody having addictions and we really believe this is true, we

kind of passed this around the room and each guy kind of said.

“Well I'd say we're all addicted to something, we all crave that high.” It's almost

like a guarantee when you're living in the culture we have today, that there's things

that keep us going and it's really more or less to help us to feel good about


And it's very difficult not to get value from those things in validation. A couple

good examples that were given were: work, this is one that we can get a lot of

value from, we can almost need it, almost feels like a drug when we really want to

get things done, achievements around the house, tasks, other people's perceptions

of us, social media.

How are we uploading things into the world? We really don't know people all that

well, but we're really concerned about how they feel about us? How many likes

we're getting? Other examples are: How do we feel about ourselves?

Are we really looking at our holistic health? Or are we coping with those things?

So do we have areas in our life that we're addicted to in our sexuality and our

thought processes? Things that give us a high like: pornography, things that make

us feel better, like food.

Are those things that we can really look at and start to gather data from? Like we

talked about so much and say “how do we die to these addictions every day?” Not

to just say “oh I'm okay or I'm going to work on that”

But every single day to go inside our spirit and say “how am I okay? How am I

good? How do I feel connected to myself without these coping mechanisms?

Without these things that I I need to make me feel good?”


So the Call to Authenticity today is, really think about that. What is it in your life,

day-to-day that would be good to die too? Would be good for us to look at and

take some quiet time each day and say “this is a death that really is beneficial to

occur every single day and if not careful it will build on itself and before long I'll

be very disconnected from my from myself, from Who I am as a good person.”


So as far as Circle of Relationships go, really looking at the number one and all

the circles outside of that, typically the urgent relationships. So the five, six and

seven, the work, the giving and the things of life, the perceptions that people have

for us.

Those are the areas that we tend to get our highs from and really looking and say

“let's come back into the one and say “how's my spiritual health? How do I

connect with myself that doesn't need to be getting more?”

“Doesn't need to be approved by other people, doesn't need all of these outside

things telling me I'm good.” So there's your ATN for today. I hope you will

contemplate that and really think: what are the things that would be good for me to

die each and every day to?

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