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Hey good man here with an Authentic Talk Note. We're talking about something in

group that often comes up with us men is how to be vulnerable? That's something

that we do not readily do and we're not available to and it's actually can be seen as a weakness in our culture for men.

One thing that we talked about was, how are we making space to be vulnerable

with our number twos and our number three's? This is something that if we're not

careful we'll just go through life as partners as having fun, as trying to get things

done and we won't actually talk about what's going on inside of our heart on a day-

to-day basis.

So really just passing that around and saying “what's it look like to contemplate

what we actually feel”. Men sometimes won't even know what they feel, won't

even know how to be vulnerable because we don't slow down enough to think

about it.


So really encourage you as the call to authenticity today. Pour it into that number

two which is; the significant other relationship and that number three which is;

your best friend relationships.

There's only two or three people in our lives that we're really pouring into and this

level where we're saying “this is how I feel, this is what I'm worried about, this is

what I I'm excited about, these are things that are going on in my heart, these are

transitions that I'm feeling. like if I don't pay attention to I'm gonna get stuck and

potentially even make some negative decisions; that would cause some harm in my


So really Call to Authenticity is saying “let's make space.” Think about when's the

last time you got vulnerable with your number two and three and then think about

the next time that you're gonna bring something of value to the relationship.

“Hey this is something I'm contemplating for me”. Keep it in your core, it's not

about them, it's not about the world around us, it's about what's going on in your

heart. It doesn't have to be good. Chances are, it may not be good because we don't

talk about the things that are really straining us that often. So I really call you to

do that.


As far as Circle of Relationships go, we're relating to the one, two and three, but

really coming from our heart. We're not looking to fix anybody else. But we're just

looking to be vulnerable, just be raw and real and that's what we love about these

group processes.

Because it really allows us to get that way. It's almost like a practice ground,

almost like a place that we can do it and then know how to do it because us men

really struggle with that.

As far as S.P.I.E.S or holistic health goes, we’re looking at emotional health here

and social health. How do we take our emotions and apply them to the

relationships that really matter, that are going to be sustainable and significant for

the rest of our lives?

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