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I Can't Trust Myself

Hey good man, here with another Authentic Talk Note. One of the guys was discussing this group is, sometimes “I feel like, I can't trust myself” and that was an interesting comment to make.

And we kind of expanded on that dialogue and he said “I find myself whenever I am trying to find motivation to do things that I really need to do or want to do.” So need being that it's Number five six and seven stuff as far as getting tasks done.

Taking care of the things of life so that you know things don't go on cap, so work, responsibilities, tasks around the house, the things we have taking care of them so that we don't lose them or ruin them and then “finally looking at things I want to do self care things.”

“Relationships I want to pursue making time for myself quality things of life, the effectiveness of life the significance of life. So I find that I just kind of go to a dark place and I'm starting to you know replay the bad mistakes I've made in my life.”

“And how that's not going to amount it much in my life in the future and I just I'm not capable so I can't trust myself.” And I think it's really good awareness and it's really good that you brought it up. Because sometimes we can't, sometimes we're our own worst enemy and when you're already in that place; that dark place you got yourself there so you probably can't get yourself out.

And it's really important to look to trusted people in our life who are advocates like; our Number Three's, our Number Twos. If at all possible, but I really like the idea of going to a good Number Three.

He brought it to a group setting which is Number Three relationships, where we share vulnerably and we can speak truth to those emotions that have got us down and thinking that we're not good enough.


So the call to authenticity today. The next time you're lying to yourself and you know you're talking only about the negative things in your life, it's time to pick up the phone and call Number Three. Get into a group, reach out to somebody that you can work things out and do it on a regular basis.

Because I would imagine when we get alone if we're thinking about those negative self-talk that it probably perpetuates itself and continues rather than us being able to talk truth to it by ourselves or in those dark places.


As far as the Circle Of Relationships, Number One. How do we view ourselves? And how does that impact everything in our life? Because it will in fact impact things in our lives, our motivation. Can't come from those Circles outside of ourselves it's got to come from within and be confident in ourselves.

As far as the S.P.I.E.S go really looking at emotional health here and then how does that impact our other intellectual health and our other holistic views of our life. How are we engaged in our life, rather than coping with our life? All right there's your ATN for today. I hope you'll find a good trusted Number Three, the next time those negative thoughts come into your mind have a good one!

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