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Hey good man here with another Authentic Talk Note. One of the guys mentioned

in group and i just believe this to be true. We’re either connected with each other

and our environments or we’re coping with it.

Let's expand on that a little bit further. We drove into that concept in group. So

being connect mean that we have intimate, real, genuine relationships, we have

purpose and significance in our lives, we feel like we're making it, making love,

having and making success happen in our life.

And were just being intentional and being connected to our surroundings; being

present and engaged. Coping would be; the absence of connection. This can be

connected with pretty much all coping mechanisms.

We quoted coping in number 7 circle with: pornography, alcohol, drugs, status

(social media presence, what people think of us perceptions.) All those number 7

circles are coping mechanisms or can be coping mechanisms.

For things that we are not connected too. So we are looking for things that give us

value, give us enjoyment, give us piece, out here in the number 7 circle, along not

connecting with our essential relationships our 1 - 4.

Are we disconnected in our own personal health? Are we engaging in that? Are we

connected in our number 2 circles our significant others? Do we feel like that's an

intimate and pursued relationship?

Do we have good number 3 relationships? How are we with our kids and our best

friends? Are we pursuing them do we feel connected do we open? Are we honest?

Do we have good family social networks?

Those are all key pieces to be considered in our life and pursuing, which will

allow us to feel connected to self, feel connected to our relationships and after all

that's what life's all about is being connected to it and plugged in and being


And then looking at where our areas that in coping where I’m looking like i'm just

trying to fix, put a bandage on it, I’m trying to ignore things and i'm just not

feeling that joy in life. That's a really good awareness to have are we coping or are

we connected?


As far as the Call To Authenticity. pay attention to your connections go through

and do a quick evaluation how are you through your 1 - 4s are you personally

engaging in your own life  are you connected to your number 2s, 3s and 4s or are

you coping.

Where are somethings where when things get stressful, when you get depressed,

anxious, when you feel bored? Whatever it is that you are engaging in that you

feel like you're coping with life look at that and say “what’s my motive here?

What's going on with the surface? And really start to gain some data from those



As far as Circle Of Relationships go. This is a big number 1 and really talking

about all the circles and how are were connected in our 1 - 4s in our central

relationships and how are we coping in our number 7 relationships and looking for

enjoyment out of those?

As far as our S.P.I.E.S were gonna go ahead and do holistic health here. Connect

with all of your health, engage in this regular concept and focus looking for “how

am i healthy? And how am i bringing that health into other relationships. All right

there's your atn for to day i hope you have a very connected and fulfilling day,


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