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Being Vulnerable

Hey good man here with an Authentic Talk Note. We suck at vulnerability. That's

how we are as men, we've been raised to not share our thoughts and feelings. We

don't even sometimes know what our feelings are, it's more like the thought and

the cognition and trying to make things work and plan out and make sure that the

equations all lined up.

Before we’ll even share something or will do it very actively because we've been

trying to bottle it for so long and it's something that we really see an AMG as a

huge piece of why we do what we do here because men are able to get vulnerable

for 90 minutes a week but they've scheduled it, they're bringing their life in.

And they're saying “this is how I feel about this, this is what I see going on here

and this is what I like what I don't like.” And just being okay to be vulnerable and

real and just express yourself without having to worry about, what's the answer.

How do I come up with a plan for this?

No it's just about sharing and what that allows is for true intimacy, true connection

and that bleeds into our other relationships once we learn how to do it for

ourselves. But don't feel bad as a guy when it's difficult to come up with your

feelings, it's difficult to come up with the why things are happening?

Or you know really just processing openly without feeling guilt and shame. It’s a

pretty big deal for guys and really encourage you to get into a setting like this and

start practicing that vulnerability, because there's really some of the only way is to

start engaging with it and seeing other people be vulnerable as well is a great way

to learn how to do that.


So Call To Authenticity. If you really struggle being vulnerable if you struggle

with sharing your feelings struggle with even knowing your own feelings struggle

with explaining the why of things. It's really important to get into a room and just

process that stuff out as much as guys would say “no I'd rather fix things.”


That's not the case, that's not how you have deep and meaningful relationships you

can't fix everything and sometimes you just got to be and be okay and share. As

far as Circle of Relationships go, really got the Number 1 because this impacts the

Number 2s and Number 3s those are our intimate relationships right our

significant other and then our best friends.

Those people that we are deep and meaningful with and we're sharing those

vulnerable moments with and purposefully, choosing to go there rather than

reacting to our life. So really looking at those key relationships 1, 2 & 3.

As far as this the S.P.I.E.S go or holistic health we're really looking at emotional

health, we're looking at social health. How are those playing with each other?

Spiritual health, being okay with ourselves enough to share our feelings and our

emotions, so that we can't have those intimate relationships. Alright there's the

ATN for today. Go ahead and be vulnerable, talk to you next time.

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