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Being In Tuned With Ourselves

Hey good man, here with another Authentic Talk Note. Processing in group the

concept of being in tune with ourselves, so that we actually know our emotions,

what we like, what we love, what kind of expression we want to engage in this

life? How do we want our life to look amongst the relationships and the

obligations that we have going on?

What does it look like to be engaged in our life,? rather than on autopilot or cruise

control, but what would it look like if we sat back and said “I'm going to create an

ideal day, I'm going to create an ideal week and this is what I would actually

engage in.”

Most men would struggle to stay away from work, that would be one area that we

would not know how to put a boundary on and we get very consumed in that,

because it's kind of a great transaction you put in time, you give certain reward;

finances and a task well done and then others maybe would filter that through their

significant others, their kids their friends.

What do you guys want to do? And not making our own decisions on what we

really want to do? It's actually very difficult for most men. To sit in a room and

say “this is what I really want, this is what I really enjoy, this is what I really want

to pursue, this is what is significant in my life and it's because I want it.


It's because it's connected to my being not filtered through everything else

expectations of other people. So really the call to authenticity today is think about

this what is it that you really want to engage in? what are the things that you love

to do?

Things that bring you to life people that you love to engage with and put priorities

there make those things important to you, choose show up, be proactive, be

intentional, rather than reactive of putting out fires all the time.

Let's create the life that we want because, then we will have significance, then we

will have good personal health. We have expression two the Number Two and

good connection with our Number Three’s and then good fun in our Number Fours

and expression in our workplace in the Number Five.

It's got an overflow here but we've got to show up, we've got to decide what we

want to engage in and truly take ownership in those things. So really looking at

that today, what is it that you really want?


As far as the Circle Of Relationships go, we got to start with the Number One here

and then that's going to impact all the Circles outside of that we've got decide what

we want, rather than what other people want for us, because plenty of people will

help you decide. If you don't decide yourself just get on Netflix and go to what is

recommended and there you go you don't even have to choose the show you get to


As far as the S.P.I.E.S go we're really looking at you know kind of looking at all

your holistic health here where are you putting your time energy and resources?

On this fives you're looking at Social Health. Who are you engaging with? Our

daily and weekly basis looking at physical health. How are you taking care of


How are you resting? How do you have fun recreation? How are you fit? And how

are you taking care of your body? Intellectual health. How do you stimulate your

mind? How are you enjoying the journey that your intellectual health brings?

What are you learning? What are you engaged in? What do you love and that also

brings creativity into that too? How are you being creative? Emotional health.

How are you processing what you want? How are you okay with your emotions

and not suppressing them.

How are we being okay with those things? And then finally spiritual. Are we

making time to connect with our spirit and getting our source aligned? All right

there's your ATN for today. I will hope that you get intentional and engaged and

start choosing life and going after that because you want it. All right we'll talk to

you next time have a great one.

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