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Are You on Cruise Control?

Hey good man, here with an Authentic Talk Note. One of the guys was talking in group this past week. That he finds it he's just kind of “blahh”, kind of on cruise control the last couple weeks he's just been coasting, he's like “nothing's good nothing's really bad” he's like “I'm just kind of just kind of here.”

“There's nothing, I'm just kind of feeling like whatever” and really got processing this around the room and saying “well, that's probably a good indicator that maybe hiding out or just not being assertive in our own health and our relationships.”

How are we pursuing our health? How are we pursuing our relationships in a proactive way, In an intentional way and in an awakeness way? So that we're not just waiting for the next car crash to come along that we have to fix and rally and say.

“Oh, I got to make sure that I manage this crisis” but it's more of a proactive approach” and saying “I'm going to pursue health, I'm going to pursue my relationships that I'm not.” and maybe there's some areas that you're probably shining away from in this instance he was saying.

“you know I really am probably not pushing into some of the areas I could be assertive in” and say “these are the dynamics that we need in our life. I find that we're getting too busy, I find that when I'm spending quality of time, I find that I'm not taking care of myself, I find that we're coping on the weekends.”

there's things like watching TV, drinking alcohol. Those things that allow us to just say “I'm not really tuned in here, I'm just kind of cruising” and I'm really challenging. The kind of the Call To Authenticity in the room and for you is to say.

“Are we on cruise control?” You know really push in and manage that tension don't shy away from it. Don't say “well no conflict is a good life.” That's not really true. We want to make sure that we're kind of have one footing as Dr. Jordan Peterson says.

“Now one foot in chaos, one foot in order.” We're really looking at that balance of saying. “we can't just have and longed for a peaceful order life that there's no friction” and we're just responding to chaos, no we want to make sure that we're kind of creating a little bit of tension in our life pushing in and looking for those things that we can grow in.


And there's probably I would say in all of those areas that were are neglecting, we're ignoring and we can push into those things and be assertive. So that's kind of the Call Authenticity today. Look at those things and push in, don't just go on cruise control.

Because as we say “you're either disconnecting or you're connecting.” There's no such thing as just sitting stagnant and being still. Everything kind of has movement just as the day goes down and dies and then rises every 24 every, 12 hours over 24 hours we have a new day.


And that's kind of how our life is to it's not this stagnant, straight cruise-control kind of feel. As far as Circle Of Relationships go. Really look at the Number one and then what are some areas in your life that you need to confront, that you want to confront in order to have the life that you really want.

As far as the S.P.I.E.S go. We're looking at social health here, kind of challenging where the boundaries are so that we can pour at our self, pour into our Number two or Number three's probably most likely, letting everything go into the Number 5 Circle where men like to be is work, provide and then relax and try to recover work, provide wash rinse repeat.

So pushing those things, create some boundaries, create some intention and pro activity and pursue the things that you really want. All right here's your ATN for day. I hope you have a great one we'll talk to you next time.

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