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Not Having to Know so Much

Updated: May 22, 2019


Hey good man, here with an Authentic Talk Note today. We were processing in group the idea of not having to know so much. Maybe there's something that's not so fruitful about planning for the future and always worrying about what happened in the past and trying to learn and grow and become these basically achievers.

And the guys that want to have everything figured out and all of us are kind of having that tendency we get removed from our human beings and we start planning and worry more about the knowledge and what we can gain from our life.

How we can grow? What difference can we make in our own life and in others that we forget how to be? We forget how to be still and enjoy the moment? And as far as I can tell that's what living is.

And that's kind of we were processing a group was “man we are gonna miss out on life if we're constantly letting our brain take us away from our body, soul and spirit and not and enjoying each moment for what it is.” “Yeah there's goodness and being able to see into the future who do I want to be in 10 years”

And saying “yeah that's something I really want to incorporate in my life.” However don't forget who you are right now is good and there's goodness all around us, that we can embrace every single day, every single moment of every single day.


So let's not forget to enjoy the journey the Call For Authenticity today is, let's put a little emphasis on being, not so much about what we're gonna get done or what we've gotten done in the past and using that as something that we're learning from to grow or definitely how I do again but let's let's do let's take today, let's take moments and really Stoke it up.


See what's going on around you and be present as far as your Circle Of Relationships go. This big Number One and it has a huge impact and the things that we engage in, really to be available, be present in the moment to the people and the things that were engaged in.

As far as the S.P.I.E.S go, really looking at this is a big spiritual health that we don't have to always be achieving, but we can be okay with our spirit, our soul, we can be still. I think that's really good and then intellectually; really being careful that we're not just worried about the knowledge, just about the knowing, but we're getting in touch with that spirit as well. All right guys there's your ATN for today I hope you have a very present and being day.

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